Ep. 135 – The Super Old Bowl

Hubby Frank joins to talk NFL Playoffs, Gronk forgets what conference he is in, and what Super Bowl parties will look like this year. We have BIG opinions on NFL coaching decisions.

I love how guys in their early 40’s are considered over the hill. Tom and Drew did their thing on the weekend!

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The Playbook:

Gronk forgets what division he is in now!
Aaron Rodgers is all zen now.
Bill’s fanbase raises money for Lamar Jackson’s fave charity.
Tom Brady and Drew Brees hang out after the game with their families.
Yikes! No one wants to see Patrick Mahomes with a concussion?!
Browns miss out because of “worst rule” ever.
Conan O’Brien’s concussion. Helped me understand what it is like.

Halftime Show:
Inflatium: Snack Stadium (not sponsored, just awesome!)
Cincinnati Chili (yes, we know Cincinnati isn’t in the playoffs.)
Food in Tampa.

2nd Half:
The Rooney Rule
Philip Rivers is retiring to spend more time with his kids!

Tweet of the Week:
Franks’s pick! Dak Prescott responds!


Ep. 134 – A Wild Card Weekend

Joined by Hubby Frank to chat NFL Wild Card Weekend! Did Vanda get any picks right? During the recording we were following the College Football National Championship! Who do we think we’ll see in the next NFL Draft? For Halftime I zoom in on a local business trying to help out the Earth AND us! Bryan from Use It Again tells us how we can reuse and get great products.

Nice to see Gronk in his element! Can’t wait to see what he is up to in the off-season…

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The Playbook:

Gronk’s favourite Tom Brady story!

College Football National Championship!

Alabama Running Back Najee Harris recognizes a reporter that covered him in High School! I love this guy.

Nickelodeon airs Saints vs. Bears. Looked like fun!

I remain a Chase Claypool fan!

Halftime Show : Local Business Highlight! Use It Again Store

Tweet of the Week: How to win the sport of marriage.

Sean Payton gets slimed!

Trying to record a podcast with dogs…


Ep. 133 – Do You Want My Take, Too?

Brian Stever from Take Too Podcast Skype-dives in to chat NFL Playoffs, Aaron Rogers for MVP (?), and we share some resolutions for 2021 that might be doable.

You might know Brian from his work on House of Cards or Super Bowl ads…but seriously, what a cool hobby?! Also, check out his family’s AMAZING gender reveal reel!

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Park Power

The Playbook:

1st Half –

Aaron Rogers gives some great advice! “Don’t get Covid!”
George Kittle SF Tight End has still got it!
Feels like doing your best work while heading out the door…?
Ravens’ Dobbins runs for a 72 yard TD?!
I can’t do this at work?!
Saints got a miracle!

Halftime Show: Doable Resolutions

2nd Half –
Playoffs are set! 1st week picks?
Tweet of the Week: College coach faster than some of his players?

Ep. 132 – Superman or Snoozerman?

Hey! Does anyone listen to podcasts at this time of year? Hubby Frank joins to talk Dwayne Haskins hassle, getting paid in bitcoin, and picks for Super Bowl. For Halftime, we find out what DC Character we would be. Grab some sour dough and join the fun.

What are you doing for Super Bowl? Send your suggestions to tightendspodcast<at>gmail<dotcom>. Food, friends, fun? How do we do it this year?

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1st Half
The Saga of Dwayne Haskins
NFL Playoff Standings (Yahoo Sports)
J.J. Watt call out his teammates in a press conference.

Halftime Show:
Which character from the DC Entertainment Universe Are You?

2nd Half
Would you agree to be paid in bitcoin?

Tweet of the Week
The Grey Cup in Green Bay?


Ep. 131 – Gronk Shares His Booty

Some episodes just keep on giving! Andrew Lewin from Speak Up For Blue drops in to chat all things NFL Week 15 AND to tell us what is great about the Ocean! Andrew is surprised to hear about who is nominated for Walter Payton Man of the Year award and we find out what Gronk has for booty! Grab a warm bevy and join the fun!

Some episode titles write themselves. See Gronk is a buccaneer, like a pirate, and he promotes stuff, like booty, and this podcast is… The joke shouldn’t have to be explained, right?

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What’s up with Gronk?
Gronk gives his team mates Bluetooth speakers! And the stadium kitchen staff. He also made a nice catch on Sunday!

Patriots are out! Dolphins 22 – Patriots 12

Also Antonio Brown scored TD for Bucs. Good day for the old guard!

PM Trudeau recognizes a cowboy!

Don’t often see players gets slapped down?! Derrick Henry – Titans 46 – lions 25

Aqib Talib called the Eagles/Cardinals game. Keeping things fresh! 33-26 for Arizona 

Halftime Show
What’s new in the ocean?
My Octopus Teacher documentary.

2nd Half
Walter Paton Man of the Year Award.
Myles Garrett nominated.

Tweet of the Week – Seattle defense mugs for the camera.