Ep. 138 – It All Comes to a Tight End

It’s the final episode! We bring this sports podcast experiment to a close! Thanks to everyone who listened and guested. Thanks to Gronk for always inspiring.

Hubby Frank joins to close it out! We cover Super Bowl 55 and The Lawyer Cat!

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The Playbook:

Bucs amazed by Mahomes.

Now Iโ€™m happy Coach Arians won. Billie Jean King interviewed women coaches on Bucs.

What’s Up With Gronk:
The Odd Couple – Brady and Gronk
Gronk Tuddie!
Gronk surprises health care workers.

Super Bowl LVI logo released! LA Law or Miami Vice?

Tweet of the week:
Mahomes tried his best! What more could he do!?
For fun! Lawyer cat!