Ep. 135 – The Super Old Bowl

Hubby Frank joins to talk NFL Playoffs, Gronk forgets what conference he is in, and what Super Bowl parties will look like this year. We have BIG opinions on NFL coaching decisions.

I love how guys in their early 40’s are considered over the hill. Tom and Drew did their thing on the weekend!

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The Playbook:

Gronk forgets what division he is in now!
Aaron Rodgers is all zen now.
Bill’s fanbase raises money for Lamar Jackson’s fave charity.
Tom Brady and Drew Brees hang out after the game with their families.
Yikes! No one wants to see Patrick Mahomes with a concussion?!
Browns miss out because of “worst rule” ever.
Conan O’Brien’s concussion. Helped me understand what it is like.

Halftime Show:
Inflatium: Snack Stadium (not sponsored, just awesome!)
Cincinnati Chili (yes, we know Cincinnati isn’t in the playoffs.)
Food in Tampa.

2nd Half:
The Rooney Rule
Philip Rivers is retiring to spend more time with his kids!

Tweet of the Week:
Franks’s pick! Dak Prescott responds!


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