Ep. 130 – The Bills Are Already In Their PJs

Monique from The Victory Podcast joins to chat what to expect in the NFL Playoffs, did Lamar need a bathroom break, and we give some recommendations on things we are enjoying. This is a fun one where we share a lot of positive, and funny, stories! Grab a bevie and join us!

I don’t read as much as I used to. Now I tend to focus on non-fiction but I picked up The Barren Grounds and I’m looking forward into disappearing into a different world. Couldn’t we all use an escape right now?

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The Playbook:

Good Guys Doing Good Things
โ€œWhen the team that you love so much loves you back, itโ€™s crazy,โ€ he said.

1st Half
Lions center fractures his throat?! and keeps playing?!

Did Lamar Jackson do a poop run?
Then came back and ran for a TD! Mark Ingram enjoyed it!

Buffalo Bills in their pjs.

AFC Wild card game will play on Nickelodeon for kids. *shrug*

Halftime Show3 recommendations – Sawbones podcast; The Barren Grounds book by David A Robertson, Trial 4 Netflix, The Great Canadian Baking Show, Kamala Harris’ The Truths We Hold book.

Tweet of the Week – Texas School for the Deaf wins Football Championship!

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