Ep. 128 – Snacks and Sledgehammers

So thrilled to have Avery and Lena from Mess Hall Podcast to chat Week 11 in the NFL, another “The Catch”, and we figure out what late night snack we are! Avery tells a funny (?) story from a funeral and Lena gives us the lowdown on Viking food! How could you miss that?

How do you motivate people? Has it ever involved a sledgehammer? You are better off motivating me with snacks.

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The Playbook:

Tales of the Tight Ends – Taysom Hill is a tight end AND a QB.

The catch 2.0

In this catch he didn’t even use his helper hand!

The Original “The Catch”. Cowboys fans…here is your trigger warning.
Cowboys coach smashes watermelons to hype the team. And it works?!

Halftime ShowQuiz – What Late Night Snack Are You?

2nd Half:

Hitting a brick wall.
I love watching Aaron Rogers lose.
Dolphins can’t decide on a QB.

Cam Newton…that’s it...

Tweet of the Week:

How is your 2020 goal list?

CFL Grey Cup was supposed to be this weekend!

Ep. 127 – The Catch of the Year (featuring Casey Logan)

Casey Logan is used to BEING the catch of the year, not talking about it. Thrilled to have Casey zoom in to review Week 9 of the NFL, the Catch of the Year, the plague of injuries, and her own experience with injuries in softball. For Halftime, we give tips and tricks for moving.

We hate to move it, move it. We hate to MOVE IT.

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The Playbook:

THE CATCH!! I wish I was as good at anything as he is at this.

Halftime- moving tips!

Drew Brees injuries

Bill Belichick and the ref meme!

Ep. 126 – Tight Ends for $200, Alex

Sharon Ruyter drops in to chat NFL Week 9 and her Colts! We can’t help but gush over Russell Wilson and for Halftime Sharon shares her look into Calgary Breweries and their response to social movements. If you like beer and football, this is the episode for you!

Alex Trebek is my hometown’s claim to fame. Sudbury Ontario is a city with the two largest lakes within the city limits in the world! Honestly, look it up! Best known for nickel mining and sarcasm!

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The Playbook:

Tales of the Tight Ends – Ozzie Newsome!! More like, Ozzie Awesome!

Halftime Show – Calgary Breweries and BLM

Tweet of the Week – Can you answer these football clues on Jeopardy?

Alex Trebek

Ep. 125 – I Need Subtitles for My Husband

Hubby Frank joins after a tough week…in the NFL and our home. We talk weirdest stories of the week, possible Playoff options, and COVID updates! Yaaay! Halftime is more informational than fun…sorry/not sorry.

I need subtitles in real life. I don’t always listen to my husband and I work with a lot of people from the UK and Ireland with wonderful accents that I sometimes find hard to understand…subtitles would make my life a lot easier.


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The Playbook:

Lions’ QB Stafford on Covid list.

Weirdest “injury” –  Had air enter blood stream from IV.

Weirdest wife – Giants’ Golden Tate and his wife complaining that he isn’t seeing enough of the ball.

Tonight in stupid news…Bears’ Wims punches helmet.

What’s Up With Gronk?
Gronk scored another TD!

Expand the playoffs?

DK Metcalf used his speed again. This time to score a TD!

Tweet of the Week – Steelers’ Wide Receiver (and Canadian) Chase Claypool sends a jersey to a super fan!