Ep. 95 – Time to Harvest the Coaching Tree

The Coaching Tree is a thing?! We review coaching this NFL season. Also a good time to talk about what teams are surprising their fans…whether for good or bad. For Halftime we talk about our favourite YouTube channels but get the best interruption mid-recording! Listen to find out who “drops by”!

The lineage of coaches completely makes sense. Someone to vouch for them, a recognized coaching style. Also explains why so many white men keep getting the job. Are they mentoring anyone who doesn’t look like them? Another discussion for another episode perhaps.


This episode is brought to you by:
Alberta Forest Products Association
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The Playbook:
Simone Biles…come on! Maybe the greatest athlete today?
Gronk’s Fox Sports debut was a little nutty!
Our Fave YouTubers:
Kai W – camera reviewer
RV Lifestyle – great practical advice for RVers
The Endless Adventure – amazing travel vlog. They have been everywhere!

How do YOU pronounce Eberflus?
Dez Bryant had some things to say about Dallas’ coaching…

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