Ep. 81 – Jump On It

Interview with Laura Smith from Calgary Parks starts at 29:00.

Jodie the Personal Trainer joins Vanda to prep for Super Bowl 53! We make some fun prop bets and find out What’s Up With Gronk? For Halftime Vanda chats with Calgary Parks Laura Smith about the city considering allowing alcohol in city parks. Listen to the conversation, then fill out the survey!

This week we feature the Read-Along Podcast!

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The Playbook:

Gronk dances to the Super Bowl

Wade Philips, Rams defensive coach, arrives for the big game! 

Abs for days!!!

Drew Brees is a really good loser.

Jason Witten makes 2 Pro Bowl trophies!

The awesome ladies of the womens hockey!

New NHL All Stars Skills event

Our Super Bowl prop bets:
Vanda/Jodie What will be the total score? (Added together) 53/45
Who will score first? Pats/pats
Who will win the opening coin toss? Pats/pats
Will it be heads or tails? Heads/heads
How many touchdowns? 7/4
How many field goals? 3/5
How many guest stars during halftime? 4/3
Qb sacks Brady 3/2 Goff 2/1
Gronk TDs 1/1 
Gronk possessions 15/8

Ep. 80 – Emily Missed Out (and so did the Saints)

Frank sits down with Vanda to review the games from the weekend. These games have given us our Super Bowl contenders! Also, who is happy Tony Romo, MVP (most valuable prophet) is calling the Super Bowl game?! We are! Our halftime show features Breanne and Emily from the podcast, Emily Missed Out. We chat about the Penny Marshall’s classic, A League of Their Own!

I love Madonna. Even if she did suddenly become British. At work the other day someone gave me a microphone and I threatened to sing the entire soundtrack from Evita…they took my mic away…

The Playbook:

How embarrassing for Mike Francesca…

Gronk giving away Super Bowl tickets…kind of…

The Saints missed call. What a bad hit.

Check out the Inflatium! How we serve food at our Super Bowl parties! I don’t get anything from this link but totally recommend it.

Ep. 79 – Does Nick Foles Spark Joy?

This episode Sharon Ruyter from the podcast Highlevel Showdown joins to chat NFL Playoffs, Tom Brady’s inferiority complex, and MARIE KONDO! We spark joy all over this thing!

So nice to chat with someone about our love of Marie Kondo and our hate of the Patriots. True connections found on this episode.

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Park Power
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The Playbook:

Alshon  Jeffery takes responsibility 

Tom Brady’s huge coat!

Tweet of the Week! Dancing Auburn Women’s Basketball Team

Ep. 78 – It’s a Double Doink

We are back with a double doink! Two Favaros for the price of one! Frank joins Vanda to make our playoff picks and talk coaching. For halftime Vanda talks with a health coach, Charlotte Akinkugbe, with a very healthy outlook!

Check out some great Alberta podcasts nominated for The (Great) Canadian Podcast Awards! Okay, I added the Great…but really…it is great.

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Alberta Podcast Network

The Playbook:

Episode title brought to you by @safimod

The Double Doink! Eagles win!

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and THE HAIR.

Tua, The AMERICAN QB. *facepalm*

Tweet of the week- more of TLaw’s hair