Ep. 97 – I Like to Move it, Move it…Efficiently

Sharon joins Vanda at the Calgary Public Library (!) to chat NFL division leaders SO FAR! They also put the Houston Astros PR nightmare to bed, we hope. Sharon just made a big move to Calgary so we talk tips and tricks for moving!

We talk about the Patriots again. We can’t get away from it. They just can’t lose! Someone has to beat them and you will get my enduring loyal fandom!


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The Playbook:
Houston Astro’s “apology”.
Greg Kittle on National Tight Ends Day!
James Harden NBA Houston Rockets gets the ball up close!
Tweet of the Week! Football on the basketball court?!




Ep. 80 – Emily Missed Out (and so did the Saints)

Frank sits down with Vanda to review the games from the weekend. These games have given us our Super Bowl contenders! Also, who is happy Tony Romo, MVP (most valuable prophet) is calling the Super Bowl game?! We are! Our halftime show features Breanne and Emily from the podcast, Emily Missed Out. We chat about the Penny Marshall’s classic, A League of Their Own!

I love Madonna. Even if she did suddenly become British. At work the other day someone gave me a microphone and I threatened to sing the entire soundtrack from Evita…they took my mic away…

The Playbook:

How embarrassing for Mike Francesca…

Gronk giving away Super Bowl tickets…kind of…

The Saints missed call. What a bad hit.

Check out the Inflatium! How we serve food at our Super Bowl parties! I don’t get anything from this link but totally recommend it.

Ep. 78 – It’s a Double Doink

We are back with a double doink! Two Favaros for the price of one! Frank joins Vanda to make our playoff picks and talk coaching. For halftime Vanda talks with a health coach, Charlotte Akinkugbe, with a very healthy outlook!

Check out some great Alberta podcasts nominated for The (Great) Canadian Podcast Awards! Okay, I added the Great…but really…it is great.

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The Playbook:

Episode title brought to you by @safimod

The Double Doink! Eagles win!

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and THE HAIR.

Tua, The AMERICAN QB. *facepalm*

Tweet of the week- more of TLaw’s hair

Ep. 75 – What’s On The Menu?

Avery from Mess Hall Podcast cohosts with me to chat football towns and the food they eat! Avery also looked up some great food from some of their stadiums. Whose eats get the W?

For Halftime I visit Cabin Brewing Company here in Calgary, the newest craft brewery to open their doors. Jonas, head brewer, and Haydon, the marketing guy, share their vision and invite us in! A surprise visit from Alex from Banded Peak was a welcome surprise so I took the opportunity to chat with him and find out what’s brewing at Banded Peak!

I love the camaraderie of Calgary craft brewers. They know they aren’t in competition but all work together to make Calgary beer great! I’ll drink to that!

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Ep. 58 – Life is but a Dream

Here for The Dream? Atlanta Dream interview starts at 54:20.

What an exciting episode?! German from Modern Manhood as my cohost and an interview with Head Coach Nicki Collen and Center Elizabeth Williams from the WNBA team the Atlanta Dream! I KNOW! German and I open with hockey chat, catch up on what Gronk is up to, and talk spring cleaning for yourself! The episode closes out with my dream chat with The Dream!

The episode title is from an old timey song. My mom probably sang it… My mom sang all the time when we were kids. Now she knows all Bob Dylan lyrics from every newer album. Dylan is still putting out albums.

The Playbook:
NHL Playoff bracket. Check out those logos!