Ep. 122 – Smitten With Witten

Hubby Frank takes a pause (not really) from watching Monday Night Football to guest co-host! We chat Week 4, Highlight TE Jason Witten, and our predictions for how COVID will affect the season. For Halftime, we chat tips for great sleep…most of which we are not following. Grab a cold bevie and safely socially distance with some NFL chat!

It is hard to come up with episode titles after 122 episodes. This one is a long time in the making!

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The Playbook:
Tales of the Tight Ends
Jason Witten stats and stuff. He’s with the Raiders now?!

Halftime – 17 Tips for Better Sleep. Hey, talk to your doctor. The web isn’t a substitute.

2nd Half – Covid Predictions
The Titans are a full out outbreak.

Tweet of the Week –
Ex-Stampeder Alex Singleton scores a Touch Down!!!
My reaction!!!

Ep. 121 – Tales of the Tight Ends

Check me out at YEGpodfest.ca chatting about sports podcasting during the pandemic! Honestly, will be fun!

Joined by Monique from America and The Victory Podcast! We chat NFL Week 3 and discuss our favourite players on the Defense side of the line! For Halftime, we give some recommendations to get you through the Fall. Come join us for a fun one!

More tales of tight ends? Let’s get to know the Tight Ends a little better!

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The Playbook:

Tales from the Tight Ends!
Hayden Hurst and Dak.
Great to see! Women in the NFL.

2nd Half – 
D – fence!!
3 Watt brothers on the field.
Monique’s pick! Tyrann Mathieu

Tweet of the Week – Cam slides out of a convo.
Maybe this is what they were talking about?!

Ep. 119 – Pumpkin Spice Football

Joined by Avery from Mess Hall Podcast this week! We talk all the winners and losers (Gronk, I’m looking at you) from Week 1, we laugh and cry about some hot headlines, and for Halftime we makes plans for Fall! Pour some Pumpkin Spice and join our cardboard cutouts in the stadium VIP section.

I don’t love pumpkin spice. But I don’t hate it. I’ll always take hazelnut over anything. But if you bring me a PSL I’ll drink it! Hey, can someone bring me a PSL…?

Tight Ends Podcast brought to you by:
Alberta Podcast Network
The Shared Mic: Conversations for the Ages

The Playbook:
Cam Newton does the Gronk spike in New England!

Tom Brady spiked too!

Calgary Corn Maze! https://www.calgaryfarmyard.com/

Calgary Disc Golf!

Dak Prescott opens up about depression.

Baltimore pays tribute to a superfan!

That baby looks like Russell Wilson!

Ep. 118 – And We’re Back!

And we’re back! Vanda is back with Hubby Frank to get right into it! What do we expect the NFL season to look like? We make picks and predictions. For Halftime, we review the career of Chadwick Boseman who recently passed away after a battle with cancer. Wakanda Forever, indeed.

It’s been a rough few months. Let’s hope a lil football can at least give us a distraction in these hard times. Reach out for help if you need it. I have.

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The Playbook:
NFL Teams and Divisions
What’s Up With Gronk? He’s eating Tostitos.
Jaguars locker room is a mess!
LA Rams’ coach Sean McVay has to prove something!
Novak Djokovic defaulted from tournament.

Ep. 117 – We Are In This Together

*ADVISORY – We are talking about racial injustice. Take care of yourself and skip if you need to. This episode may not appropriate for kids.*

Monique from The Victory Podcast joins to talk about racial injustice, its affect on sports, and how we can take this opportunity to grow. It is fun too. A real slice of what you may be feeling yourself.

We are in this together and can only get better together.


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The Playbook:
Educate Yourself!
What’s Up with Gronk?
Expectations for Gronk
The Bucs pursue Gronk and Brady

Drew Brees…come on, dude...

Kevin Love NBA Cavaliers advocacy around mental health. “I thought I could achieve myself out of it.”

DeMar DeRozan also spoke out prior to Kevin.