Ep. 98 – How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is that the Patriots lost!!??!! Also for the Halftime Show Avery from Mess Hall Podcast joins to rank our favourite candy from our childhood. We also talk football (grin) including the breakaway star #blackcat in the segment Cleats and Claws!

It’s a purrfect episode with its paw on the pulse and we’d bet the kitty that it comes within a whisker of being the best football podcast episode ever!


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The Playbook:
What’s up with Gronk? Gronk was in Canada!

Cleats and Claws!

Squirrel on the field!
Stefan Diggs wears Popeyes chicken cleats!
NFL asks OBJ to change cleats or get ejected.
Dino-score! QB takes the Cam Newton challenge to the Jurassic Age!
Health and wellness
Trent Williams cancer and team Dr misdiagnosed?!
Popeyes chicken sandwich healed Deshaun’s eye!

Tweets of the Week!
Number 1
Number 2
Avery’s unofficial TOTW


Ep. 96 – Who Can Slow The Pats Roll?

16:04 – Halftime Show about puppies!
29:28 – 2ND Half starts!

Can anyone stop the Patriots?! We talk Pats on a roll, baseball’s domestic violence issues, and the continuing saga of our new puppy. Hubby Frank joins to talk how quarterbacks are performing against their expectations!

Seriously the Pats are just so good. I feel like Belichick needs to share the knowledge. Write a book or something. NFL Coaching for Dummies…


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Marvel: Universe of Superheroes

The Playbook:
The Expos uniforms.
Simone Biles throws out first pitch.
Tweet of the Week: Moonpie looking to join a band

Ep. 95 – Time to Harvest the Coaching Tree

The Coaching Tree is a thing?! We review coaching this NFL season. Also a good time to talk about what teams are surprising their fans…whether for good or bad. For Halftime we talk about our favourite YouTube channels but get the best interruption mid-recording! Listen to find out who “drops by”!

The lineage of coaches completely makes sense. Someone to vouch for them, a recognized coaching style. Also explains why so many white men keep getting the job. Are they mentoring anyone who doesn’t look like them? Another discussion for another episode perhaps.


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The Playbook:
Simone Biles…come on! Maybe the greatest athlete today?
Gronk’s Fox Sports debut was a little nutty!
Our Fave YouTubers:
Kai W – camera reviewer
RV Lifestyle – great practical advice for RVers
The Endless Adventure – amazing travel vlog. They have been everywhere!

How do YOU pronounce Eberflus?
Dez Bryant had some things to say about Dallas’ coaching…

Ep. 90 – What IS on the other side of a black hole? – with Joyous Voyagers

Ep. 74 – Turf Tow (with The Roads We Roam)

Ep. 94 – We Need a Challenge Flag IRL

36:20 – Spiderman Far From Home review with spoilers.
54:24 – 2nd Half

Two exhausted new pawrents try to record a podcast episode about football even though all they’ve been talking about for 2 weeks is puppy ear infections and bowel movements. Listen as they struggle to stay on topic and stay awake! TIRED Ends Podcast – new on the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB.

IRL is one of those acronyms I hope I got right. LOL does not mean Lots Of Love…

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The Playbook:
Gronk is back, baby!
This MAYBE explains the whole NBA/China thing
Deshaun Watson breaks down Falcons’ defense (Facebook). Explains how he was HOT…yeah, he was.
More Deshaun. (Twitter)
Watch how you toss your challenge flag everyone!
Tweet of the week! and things of that nature…
Be careful out there!

Ep. 93 – Big Football Talk on The Big Island!

Interview with Malia from Kona Coffee and Tea starts at 11:05!

Tight Ends Podcast is on location in Hawaii??!! Wha? Long-time friend, Beverly joins in the vacation and the podcast where we chat about how bad our Fantasy teams are doing and Gardner Minshew’s jorts. We have to talk about Antonio Brown again (sigh). We go to Kona Coffee and Tea to learn about how coffee gets from the tree to your cup!

I never understood heavy denim fabric cut into a short…makes no sense to me… Want to be cool and comfortable…use the heaviest most uncomfortable fabric…

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The Playbook:

Frank Gore gets cute with his family!

Stefon Diggs is great with fans…even if he isn’t helping my Fantasy team.
Antonio Brown needs to come stay with me for a long Canadian winter.