Ep. 117 – We Are In This Together

*ADVISORY – We are talking about racial injustice. Take care of yourself and skip if you need to. This episode may not appropriate for kids.*

Monique from The Victory Podcast joins to talk about racial injustice, its affect on sports, and how we can take this opportunity to grow. It is fun too. A real slice of what you may be feeling yourself.

We are in this together and can only get better together.


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The Playbook:
Educate Yourself!
What’s Up with Gronk?
Expectations for Gronk
The Bucs pursue Gronk and Brady

Drew Brees…come on, dude...

Kevin Love NBA Cavaliers advocacy around mental health. “I thought I could achieve myself out of it.”

DeMar DeRozan also spoke out prior to Kevin.


Ep. 116 – The One Where We Talk About Tom Brady’s Pants

We are back! Talking Tom’s pants, Peyton’s nickname, and quarantine picks! Cohost Hubby Frank gets labeled as Existential Frank but turns it around by the end of the episode. Enjoy!

The episode title is ripped from Friends but we don’t mention Friends at all…

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The Playbook:
Charles Barkley’s talks about, and shows, his golf swing. (YouTube)
Tom Brady being bad at something.
Nathan Fillion tells a lovely story about Edmonton!
Truth Be Told was meh.
Frank suggests you buy Scrubs on DVD.
We completely steal Avery’s podcast format. Mess Hall Podcast

Tweet of the Week:
The new Raiders stadium looks like an appliance.
The Golden Girls as Jordans!


Ep. 115 – Gronk is back, baby!

Hubby Frank and I take time out of our 25th Anniversary day to chat NFL Draft and we answer some Quarantine Questions! Friend of the podcast, Monique from The Victory Podcast calls in to talk Saints draft and her new big rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers with our friend Gronk! Who is back, baby!

Frank and I celebrate 25 years married this week! Still the best decision I ever made!


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The Playbook:
Matt Nagy’s Homeland scenario for the draft.
A Tale of 2 Coaches.
This coach is a Good Boy!
And in a hoodie
My dog is as good as Bill Belichick’s dog!!!
NFL Draft 2020 phone calls.  (YouTube video)
Jerry Jones drafting from his yacht.
Packer’s new Wide Receiver?
Tweet of the Week!


Ep. 114 – EARTH DAY 2020 Special!

As soon as I posted the episode with Andrew Lewin of Speak Up for the Ocean Blue Podcast  I knew I wanted to eventually post our entire conversation. What better day to talk about the ocean than Earth Day?! Before me and Andrew chat all things whales, I review the most eco-friendly NFL stadiums! The countdown you didn’t even know you needed.

These are weird times but I hope you enjoy this episode. Really we are all Lolita longing to be free! Take care of yourselves and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


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The Playbook:
Century Link Field Amazing!
Lincoln Financial Field Great job!
Mercedes Benz Stadium Wow!

Humpback Whales
The whale watching tour we did in Iceland!
Next Wave Plastics – companies doing good things for the ocean!


Photo taken by Hubby Frank in Husavik, Iceland

Ep. 113 – I Feel a Draft Coming

Hubby Frank moves from the sofa to the podcast studio to chat NFL All Decade picks, The Best of the Best. We also cover what teams are doing to support their communities during the COVID crisis. For halftime, we talk about our altered vacation plans and ask for your help!

My cohost, Hubby Frank, and I laugh a lot in this episode. It’s basically a stress response. We have cried but that’s a different podcast. :'(


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The Playbook:
Twitter thread of NFL team responses to COVID.
Patriots use their plane to bring supplies.
Bill Belichick puts on a collared shirt to record a message?!
Viking food truck bringing meals to communities that rely on school meals.
Bills offer fan experiences with donations.
Jaguars great spent 5 days in ICU with COVID.
Record holding kicker gets tributes on his passing.

NFL All Decade – Best of the Best!
Tweet of the Week:
Pick your quarantine avatar!