Ep. 130 – The Bills Are Already In Their PJs

Monique from The Victory Podcast joins to chat what to expect in the NFL Playoffs, did Lamar need a bathroom break, and we give some recommendations on things we are enjoying. This is a fun one where we share a lot of positive, and funny, stories! Grab a bevie and join us!

I don’t read as much as I used to. Now I tend to focus on non-fiction but I picked up The Barren Grounds and I’m looking forward into disappearing into a different world. Couldn’t we all use an escape right now?

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The Playbook:

Good Guys Doing Good Things
“When the team that you love so much loves you back, it’s crazy,” he said.

1st Half
Lions center fractures his throat?! and keeps playing?!

Did Lamar Jackson do a poop run?
Then came back and ran for a TD! Mark Ingram enjoyed it!

Buffalo Bills in their pjs.

AFC Wild card game will play on Nickelodeon for kids. *shrug*

Halftime Show3 recommendations – Sawbones podcast; The Barren Grounds book by David A Robertson, Trial 4 Netflix, The Great Canadian Baking Show, Kamala Harris’ The Truths We Hold book.

Tweet of the Week – Texas School for the Deaf wins Football Championship!

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