Ep. 128 – Snacks and Sledgehammers

So thrilled to have Avery and Lena from Mess Hall Podcast to chat Week 11 in the NFL, another “The Catch”, and we figure out what late night snack we are! Avery tells a funny (?) story from a funeral and Lena gives us the lowdown on Viking food! How could you miss that?

How do you motivate people? Has it ever involved a sledgehammer? You are better off motivating me with snacks.

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Alberta Podcast Network

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The Playbook:

Tales of the Tight Ends – Taysom Hill is a tight end AND a QB.

The catch 2.0

In this catch he didn’t even use his helper hand!

The Original “The Catch”. Cowboys fans…here is your trigger warning.
Cowboys coach smashes watermelons to hype the team. And it works?!

Halftime ShowQuiz – What Late Night Snack Are You?

2nd Half:

Hitting a brick wall.
I love watching Aaron Rogers lose.
Dolphins canโ€™t decide on a QB.

Cam Newton…that’s it...

Tweet of the Week:

How is your 2020 goal list?

CFL Grey Cup was supposed to be this weekend!

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