Ep. 122 – Smitten With Witten

Hubby Frank takes a pause (not really) from watching Monday Night Football to guest co-host! We chat Week 4, Highlight TE Jason Witten, and our predictions for how COVID will affect the season. For Halftime, we chat tips for great sleep…most of which we are not following. Grab a cold bevie and safely socially distance with some NFL chat!

It is hard to come up with episode titles after 122 episodes. This one is a long time in the making!

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The Playbook:
Tales of the Tight Ends
Jason Witten stats and stuff. He’s with the Raiders now?!

Halftime – 17 Tips for Better Sleep. Hey, talk to your doctor. The web isn’t a substitute.

2nd Half – Covid Predictions
The Titans are a full out outbreak.

Tweet of the Week –
Ex-Stampeder Alex Singleton scores a Touch Down!!!
My reaction!!!

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