Ep. 124 – Couldn’t Be More Cuddleful

On National Tight Ends Day (?!) we are joined by  Monique from The Victory Podcast. We cover some fun and funny stories to take a break from the injuries and pandemics! For Halftime we chat hobbies for a coming LOOOOONG Winter.

In the 2nd Half we have more fun stories about Quarterbacks! With just a little time left for a rant from Vanda!

#NationalTightEndsDay was Sunday, October 25th.  What did you get me?

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The Playbook:

Tight End TJ Hockenson gets the TD to win it for Detroit Lions

What’s Up With Gronk?
Gronk is on Disney?!
Tampa Zoo named a baby rhino after Gronk

Washington coach completes cancer treatment

Arizona’s Budda Baker with an amazing unstoppable(?) interception! 

Rich Eisen can’t beat DK Metcalf

How fast was DK actually going?

LA Chargers QB Justin Herbert scores 4 TDs in his first career win!

Carolina Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater sat with his old friends

65 yard field goal attempt by the Panthers!

NY Giants QB Daniel Jones trips on an 80 yard run. 

Not available in Canada but the SNL Canada news skit is here.

Tweet of the Week

Field Goal without a holder. Skyler Davis – Elon University North Carolina

Ep. 123 – Tom’s Tampa Temper Tantrum

Another episode with Hubby Frank! Hey, he’s under contract. We chat all things NFL Week 5, Tales of the Tight End, and we mourn Dak Prescott’s injury. For Halftime, sorry, we talk more sports. Disc Golf – The Sport of the Future!

I don’t know what my obsession with disc golf is. I hope you aren’t too tired of my stories. You can’t complain until you try disc golf.


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The Playbook:
Biggest Eagles fan sends a message to Dak.
Tight End Mark Andrews! Yay!

Tweet of the Week:


Ep. 122 – Smitten With Witten

Hubby Frank takes a pause (not really) from watching Monday Night Football to guest co-host! We chat Week 4, Highlight TE Jason Witten, and our predictions for how COVID will affect the season. For Halftime, we chat tips for great sleep…most of which we are not following. Grab a cold bevie and safely socially distance with some NFL chat!

It is hard to come up with episode titles after 122 episodes. This one is a long time in the making!

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The Shared Mic: Conversations for the Ages

The Playbook:
Tales of the Tight Ends
Jason Witten stats and stuff. He’s with the Raiders now?!

Halftime – 17 Tips for Better Sleep. Hey, talk to your doctor. The web isn’t a substitute.

2nd Half – Covid Predictions
The Titans are a full out outbreak.

Tweet of the Week –
Ex-Stampeder Alex Singleton scores a Touch Down!!!
My reaction!!!