Overtime Episode – A Celebration of Life (with Jolene Latimer)

So much is going on I just had to put out a special episode! I’m joined by Jolene Latimer to hear her first hand experience at Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s A Celebration of Life. There are also some updates on the Canadian Podcast Awards and NCAA Basketball March Madness on ESPN Tournament Challenge.

It’s a lot for a little episode!


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Last time Jolene was on!

Ep. 110 – Super Sized Super Bowl Episode

34:33 – Halftime Show talking about the ocean!
59:36 – Halftime Show ends!

A whale of an episode! We needed a big one to end the season! Joined by Andrew from Speak Up for Blue to talk 49ers loss, our love of Lamar, and how we can save the turtles…no, really! Gronk is busier than ever and we chat who our new Tight End mascot can be. Andrew leaves us no options other than his pick! It’s a big, but fun, episode!

The halftime show is about the ocean and how we use plastics but it isn’t a downer, I swear. If you or your kids are more sensitive you might want to approach with care. It’s not graphic but we do talk about the reality.


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The Playbook:
Gronk decided from beginning of his career to save all NFL cheques and live off endorsements.
Gronk Beach Party on Saturday
Bill Belichick wearing a shirt with buttons!
The Golden Gronks! I would watch this show!
Damien Williams and Raheem Mostert share a mo’! :’/
Dear Lamar letters from kids
Troy Polamalu HOF. Had to be best ad campaign ever.
Letโ€™s predict where Tom Brady will end up! (This didn’t make the show for time.)
Retire, Pats, Chargers, Raiders?