Ep. 105 – Let It Go…Cowboys Fans

20:00 – Frozen discussion begins!
45:45 – Football talk resumes!

So…we had a lot to say about Frozen. Hubby Frank is back to review our Week 17 picks…what a weird weekend…and make our picks for Wild Card weekend! We also talk about how teams chose coaches and we get an update on our favourite tight end, GRONK!!

Who knew I could talk this long about a kid’s movie. Frozen was REALLY good, y’all! You know I’m serious because I’m saying y’all… Hope you enjoy the recap!


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The Playbook:
Olaf recaps Frozen!
The Vikings win it big in the last second! Stefon Diggs last minute catch!
Wild Card weekend!

Tweet of the Week:
We Rate Dogs looks back at 2019!

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