Ep. 104 – What’s Up With Marshawn?

Breaking News! Marshawn Lynch signed with the Seahawks JUST after we recorded. Still a good segment and review of his career on and off the field. Hubby Frank gets quizzed! What kind of sports fan are you? Take the quiz along with us. For Halftime, we try some cocktails at Waalflower Kitchen & Cocktails. In the 2nd Half, we make our picks for Week 17 in a fun way that Frank hates! Come and join the party!

We might need a new What’s Up segment. Maybe Marshawn Lynch is that person! He is super fun and will make for an exciting addition to Seattle!


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The Playbook:
What kind of sports fan are you? QUIZ!!
I hate when big news breaks AFTER we’ve recorded… Marshawn Lynch is back!
It’s the last week of the regular season! NFL Week 17 games.

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