Ep. 101 – Touchdown Celebrations are Bigger in Texas

26:40 – to listen to Reworks Upcycle Shop interview!

Another happy episode! Everyone in the NFL is behaving so we get to talk about Touchdown Celebrations, trick plays, and DOGS!! Danielle from This Is Adulting podcast joins Vanda to tell us about how to raise competitive children, how to adult, and what touchdown dances she gives a 10!! Also, Vanda visits Solita at Reworks Upcycle Shop to talk great gift ideas, winter cycling, and supporting local business AND Earth!

Everything is bigger in Texas! Including the touchdown dances! Anyone beating the Patriots gets my love…throw in a touchdown dance? *chef’s kiss*

This episode is brought to you by:
Alberta Podcast Network
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The Playbook:
Texans beat the Patriots!!! Houston Texans pull a trick play.
Texans QB Deshaun Watson on point with the celebrations!
NY Giants QB Daniel Jones (sounds like a fake name) gets the Y knocked off his head.
Touchdown Dance! Seattle does New Edition
Side by side with original.
This is after they did *NSYNC bye bye bye against Cleveland.
NBA recruiting REALLY young. Baby race!
Michigan State cornerback Josh Butler brings his family to college senior day. ๐Ÿ˜ญย Both his parents passed away so he brought his dogs.

Tweet of the Week from Miami Dolphins
My 2 loves: football and Star Wars!

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