Ep. 105 – Let It Go…Cowboys Fans

20:00 – Frozen discussion begins!
45:45 – Football talk resumes!

So…we had a lot to say about Frozen. Hubby Frank is back to review our Week 17 picks…what a weird weekend…and make our picks for Wild Card weekend! We also talk about how teams chose coaches and we get an update on our favourite tight end, GRONK!!

Who knew I could talk this long about a kid’s movie. Frozen was REALLY good, y’all! You know I’m serious because I’m saying y’all… Hope you enjoy the recap!


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The Playbook:
Olaf recaps Frozen!
The Vikings win it big in the last second! Stefon Diggs last minute catch!
Wild Card weekend!

Tweet of the Week:
We Rate Dogs looks back at 2019!

Ep. 104 – What’s Up With Marshawn?

Breaking News! Marshawn Lynch signed with the Seahawks JUST after we recorded. Still a good segment and review of his career on and off the field. Hubby Frank gets quizzed! What kind of sports fan are you? Take the quiz along with us. For Halftime, we try some cocktails at Waalflower Kitchen & Cocktails. In the 2nd Half, we make our picks for Week 17 in a fun way that Frank hates! Come and join the party!

We might need a new What’s Up segment. Maybe Marshawn Lynch is that person! He is super fun and will make for an exciting addition to Seattle!


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The Playbook:
What kind of sports fan are you? QUIZ!!
I hate when big news breaks AFTER we’ve recorded… Marshawn Lynch is back!
It’s the last week of the regular season! NFL Week 17 games.

Ep. 103 – Power fRankings

27:55 Star Wars Halftime Show starts!
51:15 Halftime Show ends!

Drew Brees breaks ANOTHER record! Hubby Frank is back to review Brees’ career with us! We also look at what players top player rankings. For Halftime we review the Star Wars Skywalker Saga up to the release of The Rise of Skywalker. No spoilers for episode 9 because we haven’t seen it yet!

Frank helps us understand the NFL player rankings AND gives his Star Wars rankings. Do you agree with him? Comment at tightendspodcast.com.

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The Playbook:
Player stats…if you care…
Bills over Steelers!
Drew Brees breaks record!
The Raiders just couldn’t win it!
Bears get fancy but can’t bring it home!

Tweet of the week

Ep. 102 – Walk a Mile in a Man’s Cleats

Cohost Hubby Frank is back to talk Patriots secret video-recording, players show their support with My Cleats, My Cause, and Frank talks about his recent trip to Seattle!

In Canada we measure distance with kilometers, not miles, but the expression ‘walk a km in his shoes’, sounds stupid. That being said, metric is so much better in almost every way, except colloquialisms.

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The Playbook:
My Cleats My Cause!
Frank Ragnow from Detroit Lions wears cleats for suicide prevention.
Patriots “take full responsibility.
Bears Khalil Mack Foundation pays off Walmart layaway tabs in Fort Pierce Florida where he is from.
Lamar Jackson breaks 1000 yds rushing. By rushing!!
Frank gets his cocktail on at Radiator Whiskey in Seattle!

Tweet of the Week! Lamar Jackson breaks some ankles!


Ep. 101 – Touchdown Celebrations are Bigger in Texas

26:40 – to listen to Reworks Upcycle Shop interview!

Another happy episode! Everyone in the NFL is behaving so we get to talk about Touchdown Celebrations, trick plays, and DOGS!! Danielle from This Is Adulting podcast joins Vanda to tell us about how to raise competitive children, how to adult, and what touchdown dances she gives a 10!! Also, Vanda visits Solita at Reworks Upcycle Shop to talk great gift ideas, winter cycling, and supporting local business AND Earth!

Everything is bigger in Texas! Including the touchdown dances! Anyone beating the Patriots gets my love…throw in a touchdown dance? *chef’s kiss*

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The Playbook:
Texans beat the Patriots!!! Houston Texans pull a trick play.
Texans QB Deshaun Watson on point with the celebrations!
NY Giants QB Daniel Jones (sounds like a fake name) gets the Y knocked off his head.
Touchdown Dance! Seattle does New Edition
Side by side with original.
This is after they did *NSYNC bye bye bye against Cleveland.
NBA recruiting REALLY young. Baby race!
Michigan State cornerback Josh Butler brings his family to college senior day. 😭 Both his parents passed away so he brought his dogs.

Tweet of the Week from Miami Dolphins
My 2 loves: football and Star Wars!