Ep. 98 – How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is that the Patriots lost!!??!! Also for the Halftime Show Avery from Mess Hall Podcast joins to rank our favourite candy from our childhood. We also talk football (grin) including the breakaway star #blackcat in the segment Cleats and Claws!

It’s a purrfect episode with its paw on the pulse and we’d bet the kitty that it comes within a whisker of being the best football podcast episode ever!


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The Playbook:
What’s up with Gronk? Gronk was in Canada!

Cleats and Claws!

Squirrel on the field!
Stefan Diggs wears Popeyes chicken cleats!
NFL asks OBJ to change cleats or get ejected.
Dino-score! QB takes the Cam Newton challenge to the Jurassic Age!
Health and wellness
Trent Williams cancer and team Dr misdiagnosed?!
Popeyes chicken sandwich healed Deshaun’s eye!

Tweets of the Week!
Number 1
Number 2
Avery’s unofficial TOTW


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