Ep. 100 – I’ve Learned A Lot About Football

It’s a fun and friendly episode! After some heavy subjects, this week with Monique from The Victory Podcast, we keep it light! We talk about highlights from NFL Week 12, some Grey Cup news, and we share our Top 3s for 3 things for Halftime! Come and join the fundred!

I always open each episode by saying I don’t know much about football but I know a tight end when I see one. This was the entire joke that started the podcast and gave it its title. Recently my husband said “You’ve learned a lot about football from doing this podcast.” So this episode acknowledges that fact.


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The Playbook:


Ep. 99 – The Greatest One (with German from Modern Manhood)

Not sure if the episode is The Greatest One or German Villegas from Modern Manhood Podcast is. Take a listen and find out! German is here to give his perspective on Don Cherry’s firing, Colin Kaepernick, and TV! I had to give him a break after some pretty heavy topics!

Wayne Gretzky’s number was 99. I LOVED Wayne Gretzky when he played with the Oilers in the 80’s. I wore black for a week after he was traded to LA. Literally. I wore black all week. So 99 always make me think of Wayne and the hay-days of hockey.


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The Playbook:

Gronk was on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Hinted at returning to football (but only if they signed James too.)

Aaaaand…you can join Gronk on the beach on the Big Game Weekend!

Big ole Google News search on Don Cherry. Find what you need there.

German’s TV recommendations.
Chef’s Table (Netflix)
The Good Place (Netflix)
Vanda’s recommendations.
Chef’s Line (Netflix)
The Mandalorian (Disney +)

Tweet of the Week!


Ep. 98 – How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is that the Patriots lost!!??!! Also for the Halftime Show Avery from Mess Hall Podcast joins to rank our favourite candy from our childhood. We also talk football (grin) including the breakaway star #blackcat in the segment Cleats and Claws!

It’s a purrfect episode with its paw on the pulse and we’d bet the kitty that it comes within a whisker of being the best football podcast episode ever!


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The Playbook:
What’s up with Gronk? Gronk was in Canada!

Cleats and Claws!

Squirrel on the field!
Stefan Diggs wears Popeyes chicken cleats!
NFL asks OBJ to change cleats or get ejected.
Dino-score! QB takes the Cam Newton challenge to the Jurassic Age!
Health and wellness
Trent Williams cancer and team Dr misdiagnosed?!
Popeyes chicken sandwich healed Deshaun’s eye!

Tweets of the Week!
Number 1
Number 2
Avery’s unofficial TOTW