Ep. 94 – We Need a Challenge Flag IRL

36:20 – Spiderman Far From Home review with spoilers.
54:24 – 2nd Half

Two exhausted new pawrents try to record a podcast episode about football even though all they’ve been talking about for 2 weeks is puppy ear infections and bowel movements. Listen as they struggle to stay on topic and stay awake! TIRED Ends Podcast – new on the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB.

IRL is one of those acronyms I hope I got right. LOL does not mean Lots Of Love…

This episode is brought to you by:
Park Power.ca
Alberta Forest Products Association
Alberta Podcast Network

The Playbook:
Gronk is back, baby!
This MAYBE explains the whole NBA/China thing
Deshaun Watson breaks down Falcons’ defense (Facebook). Explains how he was HOT…yeah, he was.
More Deshaun. (Twitter)
Watch how you toss your challenge flag everyone!
Tweet of the week! and things of that nature…
Be careful out there!

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