Ep. 76 – The friendly Battle of Alberta Podcasts (featuring Karen Unland)

Super excited to have Karen from Alberta Podcast Network join me to talk NFL Pro Bowl picks, Tight or Bite, and share 1st (and only) experiences.

My strategy of Tight or Bite chosen purely by Fantasy points meets its match in Karen’s thoughtful review of player’s character and ability…guys, I had Kareem Hunt and OBJ…!!!

Brought to you by:
Alberta Podcast Network
Park Power

The Playbook:

Gronk trips up in his Cheerios challenge!

Pro Bowl picks!

How random is random when it’s 7 times!?

Whack a mole? Or ballet? Complicated and gorgeous play from the Pats.

Remember the Titans! The movie version!

Watch “A League of Their Own” and come on the podcast to review with me! Twitter @thetightends

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